Thursday, September 01, 2005

easily distracted

I came into work this morning and found a sticky note on my keyboard that read "Dan O' R". And then a street address. Nothing more. Who is Dan O' R? Don't know. What does the R stand for? Unsure. What city does that street address refer to? No idea. It could be anywhere in North America. And what does Dan O' Nobody from the continent have to do with my production? Fucked if I know, people.

So. Who wrote the sticky and stuck it on my keyboard yesterday? That one's easy. I did.


Chile chica said...

Hi Palinode,
Can I have your permission to use some of your blog postings for my English classes? I think Chile would be a better place if more of its people knew the greatness of Palinode. Really.

palinode said...

I would be delighted, although I don't know if people would get much of an idea about the English language from my site. But if you think it'll work, go right ahead.

What's weird is that this isn't the first time someone's used my website to help teach English to Latin Americans.