Sunday, August 21, 2005

susan & starcat after the music festival, on our couch

It looks like a sequence. It looks like something is happening. But nothing is happening.


blackbird said...

I'm not buyin that.
You work in film.
SOMETHING was happening.
The camera often catches what the eyes miss. Miss.(said in a prissy voice)

palinode said...

No, I was there all night, and let me tell you: nothing happened. Yawn.

I lie. It was a wonderful time. Starcat is an old friend of ours and Susan came home with us for an evening of Frangelico, music and filpping through a Summer 1971 Sears catalogue.

The one thing that the camera revealed is that Starcat is a twitchy guy. It's really hard to catpture him in repose, especially using the kind of low-light photography that I favour.