Thursday, March 03, 2005

my contribution

It's been a lot of work, if I don't mind saying so, but I finally italicized the entire New Revised Standard Bible, the one that the Devil prefers because it's not a mistranslated hash-up from the 17th century. Don't thank me, no no. I did the whole thing with gravity, toothpicks and sometimes just brute force. It takes guts, muscle and moral bravery to take every letter in Ephisians and tilt it thirty degrees to the right, but I perservered.

I also removed every third word to make the whole thing a titch more readable. Building suspense, confounding unbelievers, all that good stuff.

My sermons are the best now.


Friday said...

Speaking not as the girl who dated you for three years, but as someone who loves you like you were my own brother, what on earth are you talking about?

palinode said...

Friday. Friday. I'm a cool youth deacon now, a lay preacher to the stars. You can't stop me, no, ya can't stop.

blackbird said...

thank heaven someone has taken care of it. I can rest.

Anonymous said...

Next stop, The Talmud? I'd stay away from the Koran, though, were I you...someone of your sylph and delicate consitution wouldn't do well against jihad.
- Skatch