Thursday, March 17, 2005

in case you're curious

Even though I haven't posted much here over the last few days, I've been keeping up on my word-a-day weblog as faithfully as I can. Check out my ongoing series there about my demographically obvious dalliance with mental discomfort and SSRIs. And if you haven't visited my other site yet, there's a picture of a woman bottle-feeding a pig, so go go go.


blackbird said...

yeah I'm curious. I'm curious yellow.
I'm curious how many times you hit
"publish post?"

palinode said...

I'm curious puke-green about how often Blogger is going to fuck up when I'm posting.

taiwan said...

achem, please excuse the intrusion but i've taken the liberty to not only take over the world (look up "to go to hell in a hand basket" for further details on what's to come), but i sent some stuff to your S.O.B.S. (did you know that it spelt that!?) e-mail address.

just keeping you up to date.

assuming that you want to be kept up to date.

i had to seriously restrain the inner beavis and butthead from typing "... want to be kept abreast of things."

i kill myself.

actually i'm a horse's arse.

and in the seldom practiced art of self-censoring, bye.

blackbird said...

We are busy posting photos of our kitchen sinks if you are interesting in joining us.

Who let Taiwan in here?

blackbird said...

You're coming back right?

palinode said...

Here I am!