Friday, February 11, 2005

today's great news

I figured out today that my life has lost its coherence. It has disarticulated itself and now I feel like a man reeling dazed after an explosion, not quite aware that he has lost a limb but looking about for it nonetheless.

So: I'm sitting in a hotel in Miramichi, finding out that, instead of returning home for a long stretch of office work and high-volume phone sales calls, I'll be flying out to San Fransisco with a crew to interview people: a) in a maximum-security penitentiary; b) in a strip club; and c) under a bridge (the last because our third interviewee is a homeless guy). In my off-hours I'll be keeping the hyperactive director from getting himself into unimaginable trouble. Another stamp on my passport, another ventricle damaged.


Skatchina said...

I don't envy you, Mr. Node. The streets of San Francisco offer nothing but stress and danger to those left in charge of the wrangling of hyper-active Directors.

Send me a postcard, though

blackbird said...

Miramichi! bah! that's nothing. (actually I had to look it up, but it's only Canada...)SF you can handle.
It's the hyperactive director we worry about. Can send some Adderall via post if you like -- K was once stuck in Kuala Lumpur with a bi-polar DP. There's some cocktail hour stories in that one.
God speed.

Executive Housewife said...

What in the world do you do for a living? For the life of me I can't figure it out and am too lazy to go through al the archives to see if you have already stated it.

palinode said...

Blackbird: Miramichi, for all its qualities, is definitely not nothing. It's something. It's something small, poorly paved, and full of people who speak a bizarre French-English patois that defies all understanding. But yes, San Fransisco will be a picnic compared to Kuala Lampur. Cable cars! Happy gaiety! Karl Malden, maybe!

Exec. H'sw'fe: Oh, I don't want to tell... but I will. I'm a field producer/interviewer/unit director for a production company up here in Canada. It involves a lot of travel, baaad hotels, weird fatigue-induced hallucinations and interviews with strange people. The only less-than-stellar element is being away from my wife.