Thursday, February 24, 2005

because i am a tv producer of sorts

I think we should take Mel Gibson's film and turn it into a daytime soap opera. We'll call it "The Passions of Christ".

Jesus can be trapped down a well for an entire season.


palinode said...

Before anybody else says it, I know my joke is several months too late. I know. Dont' beat me.

Jesus the Living Doll, though. That's funny.

Helvetica said...

Will there be an evil twin?

In reference to the cryptic grocery store sign: I think it's vulgar. I think that store is an anti-grocery store. There's a fierce battle between the grocery people and the anti-grocers, I bet you. Rebel anti-shopping forces took the red store and put up a vulgar sign. That's why the sign vindictively says "up you's, grocery!", rural laconic for 'up yours!'

palinode said...

What do you think are the major platforms in the anti-grocery campaign? No groceries, I imagine.

Anonymous said...

i think it's a great idea. there is a need for new soap operas, i think.