Sunday, January 09, 2005

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Lotus: Hi there! (sees herself in mirror) Oh my God!

Palinode: Your hair's a little on the messy side this morning.

Lotus: (running hands through hair, pushing down a cowlick here, shifting a tuft there)) This is the first time today I've seen myself in the mirror.

Palinode: (thinking that the mussed-hair look is kind of fetching/sexy) It looks a bit like thatch. You've got a thatched roof on your head.

Lotus: I guess so, huh?

Palinode: Your hair is an outmoded roofing technology. There are peasants living in your head.

Lotus: What? That's... that's a weird thing to say to me. That's like a Bosch painting or something.

Palinode: Your head is a Bosch painting and the peasants are cowering in the thatched-roof cottage of your head.

Lotus: (clearly uncertain about the merits of continuing the conversation) Well. I'm going to get washed up and fix my hair.

Palinode: Aren't you worried about the peassnts?

Lotus: My head's waterproof. (points at head) They'll be okay.

Palinode: Won't they be scared and confused by the sudden advancement in roofing technology?

Lotus: Don't worry. I'll keep my eyes closed so they don't see anything.

Palinode: And keep your mouth closed so they don't escape.


Pterals said...

I want to drink beer with you guys again. That was too funny. All of you (Luvabeans, I'm looking at you here, too) come to Vancouver! Or Buenos Aires. Whichever.

Signed, your friend,


(Mostly Torso)

luvabeans said...

i ain't never had a beer with RJ. the world ain't right.

palinode said...

You're right, Luva: the world ain't right. But we act as if it were. We show the world how it should be, by having beers with RJ whenever we can. And we can't have beers with RJ, we have beers with other people, in the name of rightness.