Saturday, December 11, 2004


A few days back The Lotus mentioned on her site that I was incommunicado for the next few days. For the few of you who drop by and read my words, I thought I'd drop a quick line and let you know that I'm not entirely incommunicado. I'm just in Montreal until tomorrow afternoon, whereupon I will communicad in text, pictures, gestures, honks, what have you. This city is covered in thick wet snow, with cars ploughed in and sidewalks either obscured entirely or covered in a smooth deadly sheet of ice. But it just can't stop the joie de vivre, no, not here, not in la belle province.

I just can't figure out why, if Montreal is supposed to be a centre of culture, I keep hearing The Alan Parsons Project on the radio.


Anonymous said...


It's to hear from you. It's amazing how fast six days goes now that we have the six week comparison.

Anonymous said...

Fine. Don't even mention me on your stupid website. See if I care. See if I even NOTICE.

luvabeans said...

i want you to communicate in honks forevermore.

and i can't believe you haven't yet linked to anonymous!