Wednesday, September 22, 2004

it's hard to blog an entry

when your entry blog is fogged
and your soggy noggin's putty
and your blogging throat's got frogs: yes:

it's hard to blog an entry
when the entryway's all fogged
from a fifteen hour plane flight
through ten thousand klicks of fog

and the signs in Dutch are nutty
and the roads are black as night
from all the rain that bogs the traffic

and it's really congested on the A10 at rush hour. the end of that.


Anonymous said...

Helvetica opines:

It's gloomy to think I'd have seen you sooner if I'd stayed in Europe. Say hello to the old country for me. Have fun with the square yet funky Dutch, who look shocked when you say Shit, then offer you a toke of hash.

palinode said...

So far none of the Dutch I've met have had any hash to offer, to the best of my knowledge. So far I've mostly been talking to senior citizens in Zeeland, which is not the home of hip. It's the home of cheese plates and polders, but not hip.