Tuesday, August 10, 2004

up with Perseids

According to National Geographic, Thursday night witnesses a bright show from the Perseid meteor shower. A cloud of dust from the Swift-Tuttle comet will be flashing through the atmosphere and visible mostly over Europe and Asia. Around that time I will 40,000 feet above the Pacific speeding westward. I'll be spending the whole evening with my face stuck to a window to see what a meteor shower looks like at that altitude.

I'm a little worried about all the triffids booked on the flight, but I figure that as long as I keep one eye on them I'll be okay.


luvabeans said...

oh, you lucky! i hope you're able to see it. me, i've yet to see a single shooting star. 't'ain't fair.

that's a lot of apostrophes.

palinode said...

No luck on the Perseids, sad to say. The entire flight to Tokyo took place in daylight, and all the rest I spent in a jet-lagged stupor.

Friday said...

That's stuporrific!!