Monday, July 12, 2004

what do I see when I look out the door?

I see Texas. I see Red Lobster, I see Denny's, I see a 24 hour Walmart Supercenter, I see a 7-Eleven embedded in a Citgo gas station. An abutment, an overpass, a concrete monster of roads. A Best Western. Five hundred Ruben Studdards and a thousand Jeff Foxworthys. Mirrored buildings and a beige haze over the horizon. No steers yet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mr. Node, please remember that you are in the birthplace of both 7-11 and Dr. Pepper. I suggest, as a tourist, that a purchase at the latter beverage at the former establishment would be a lovely, touristy thing to do. Please also note that, in that neck of the woods, beer can also be purchased at said establishment (unlike our northern, puritanical hell hole) - if this is your choice, then Red Dog or Lone Star are your best bets (for Yank beer that doesn't taste like watered down horse urine).

Hope all is well,