Thursday, June 10, 2004


I keep on meaning to read John Ruskin's The Stones of Venice, but every time I pick up the book my brain starts going "ruskinruskinruskinruskin" and I want to dance around like a gorilla. Or in the manner that I imagine a gorilla dancing. You know, hopping to one side and another from one foot to the other with your arms held out on either side. All the gorillas of the jungle danced that way when the explorers introduced 19th century aesthetics to them, right?



Anonymous said...

Helvetica again, with more gorilla gobbets. From a G&M article on law firms' mentorship program:
"They also give their young colleagues invaluable career tips on such things as the finer points of office politics, 'so they are not stepping on the toes of the 800-pound gorilla that we all have in our offices,' Mr. Bagshaw adds."

Friday said...

Just recieved a bill from the OCD waiter last night. He signed it thus:
(whited-out smiley face)
Domo Arigato (smiley face)
"Mister Roboto" (smiley face)
Take care!
Please come again!