Thursday, June 17, 2004

jet laggier

On the third day home I have entered the Drug-Assisted Phase of Jet Lag. Sominex, Advil, red wine, all in the name of getting a solid night's sleep. Even so, my eyes snap open at 12:30 and want to stay open until eight in the morning. Horrors.


Anonymous said...

From the front: Shill is once again complaining to the "Executive *ahem* Producer" about how he "can't do it all, you know!" I should think not! I mean, come on. Let's be reasonable. As soon as he gets off the driving range, he's got his 5-6 daily smoke breaks (15 minutes per) to deal with, the two hour lunches and let's not forget the open-ended offer of free water at Ming's Cafe (when they give you free water, you're pretty much obliged to sit down there for at least half an hour).

It's all he can do to get his "running around outside the office" done by the end of the day. Add to that the "closed door" meetings with the "Executive *ahem* Producer," and it becomes clear the pressure he is under. Like David Brent (how we miss him!), Shill is simply under-appreciated here at Wernham Hogg.

- Shelly "The Machine" Levene, Chairman
Wernham Hogg Friends of Shill Committee

Anonymous said...

boooop.; mrrrp zooop erp lorp.
and really, what is with all the "p"'s ??